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The President of Joy Unspeakable Music Promotions is Mr. Darren W. Lore.   Darren is an ordained Minister and the Patriarch of The Lore Family,  a well known Mixed Family Southern Gospel Quartet.  

At Joy Unspeakable Music Promotions,  we take pride in offering unique services that you would not necessarily see facilitated through other Southern Gospel Music Promotion Companies.   Services that bridge the gap between Today's Southern Gospel Music Artists,   Radio,   Concert Promoters and Ministry Leaders.  

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Mr. Darren W. Lore, President
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JUMP was started and  designed to help artists launch their Music Ministry to Radio, Internet, Churches and other venues-both traditional and non-traditional.    We help introduce Artists by putting a face with the Music and Ministry,  both literally and figuratively. 

Coming from an artist background,  our goal is  to do for other growing groups what we  believe would have helped us....introduce group to radio, seek interviews, get AirPlay, put a group photograph and biography with each disc.  

We also  send our Radio Compilation Discs to over 100 Churches Nationwide to help promote Our Artists and help cultivate our genre of Music to existing and new Churches with the hopes of broadening the foundation of the Ministries we serve.  

Additionally,   we guarantee access from the Promoter,  Darren Lore to our artists while keeping in touch through traditional phone call follow up, text messages,   FaceBook or whatever means necessary to keep you up date with the status of your music.  

We also are one of the few Southern Gospel Music Promotions Companies that invest in our Artists by working to get tangible value for our Ministries through long block interview segments on terrestrial and satellite radio,  phone interviews promoting upcoming concerts,  in depth analysis on our disc sleeves and each of our singles are made available through a 3rd distribution method of RadioMusicFM. 

If you are looking for a great way to grow your Music Ministry,  look no further than the Professionals of JUMP... Joy Unspeakable Music Promotions.